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Working with Marketing Tao, LLC | Expected Results

When you work with Marketing Tao, you can expect to gain clarity about who you are as a coach or consultant, what your marketing message is, and who is already out there looking for your solution. One of the biggest challenges life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches and consultants have is having a clear understanding of the value they offer and who precisely to offer it to. Once you gain this clarity doors will start opening for you.

You will receive an easy step-by-step marketing model to build your business around. You will have a proven, user-friendly model for structuring your marketing plan and activities, but also a way to develop predictable multiple streams of income.

You will gain the ability and techniques to extend your reach and add value to the world in everything you do. You will incorporate proven marketing and business strategies that have helped the most successful coaches and consultants build their coaching empires.

You will focus your energy on only the marketing efforts that are right for you and your specific coaching or consulting business. No more wasting your time, energy, and money on different marketing or advertising techniques that you are “supposed to do.” Together we will pick the models, formats, and techniques that fit your personality, lifestyle, and business goals.


Marketing Tao, LLC | Guiding Philosophies

Kathy Jo and Marketing Tao, LLC are dedicated to increasing the overall impact that socially conscious businesses can make. In order to do that, we need to keep you in the coaching, consulting or holistic practitioner business so you can continue to reach out and change the world.

Marketing Tao’s philosophies center around my Core Teaching Points:

Core Teaching Points

  • As a coaching, consulting or holistic practitioner business, you are already an expert at marketing. Your training has taught you the key skills that the best marketers rely on to find out what their target audience most desire.
  • Re-Purpose, Re-Use, Re-Leverage. If you have completed your specialty training, chances are you already have a plethora of content and material to re-package into products to add to your revenue stream.
  • Marketing is about adding value to the world. Marketing does not have to be an “icky” thing you have to do to make your business grow. You can market your coaching, consulting or holistic practitioner business in a way that is in complete integrity with who you are and touch people’s lives while doing it.
  • Marketing a coaching or consulting business is an internal process. To better understand your audience you must first understand yourself. Identifying your niche, discovering your marketing message, and then becoming visible is an inward-outward process.
  • You must have a tight niche. You do not have to coach everyone to be successful. In fact, the more selective you are about who you coach the more opportunities present themselves to you. Narrowing your focus will allow you to be seen by the people who are already out there looking for you.
  • Coaching is about improving people’s lives in whatever method possible. You do not have to be sitting in front of someone talking one-on-one with them to make an impact. You can extend your reach and touch more people than you ever thought possible by keeping an open mind to how you define what you do.


Why Marketing Tao, LLC | Marketing Support from a Certified Coach

There are plenty of marketing gurus out there to choose from. What makes Kathy Jo and Marketing Tao, LLC unique? The difference is in the fact that I am a certified coach. I understand the frustrations associated with having so much passion, dedication, and determination to make a difference, yet am floundering with every attempt. My background is not in marketing. Yet, I have researched, learned, and incorporated these marketing techniques into my own coaching business to achieve a successful, thriving coaching business. AND SO CAN YOU!

What makes me stand out from other marketing consultants for coaches,  consultants and holistic practitioners is my philosophy of using your marketing efforts as a way to make a difference. I believe that as a coach, you have all the skills necessary to be an expert at marketing your business. And you can use that expertise in your marketing efforts as an avenue to extend you reach and coach the world.


The Next Step to Marketing Your Business

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with Marketing Tao and my approach and philosophy of working with coaching, consulting or holistic practitioner business, go to my Marketing Solutions page to learn about the specific programs I have for you.


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