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Nichole Santoro
Nichole Santoro iMarketingSalon

I highly recommend Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas if you are ready to catapult your marketing efforts! As a former Life and Career Coach and as a Marketing Professional, I have found Kathy Jo’s Marketing worksheets and videos and ebooks to be of tremendous value in developing my entrepreneurial business.

Kathy Jo wholeheartedly embraces the concept of Authentic Marketing while having a true grasp of what it takes to run a viable business doing something you love. While you may not have become a Coach “for the money” but rather for your love and passion of the work, it’s also very nice to have income flowing in. ;)

I’ve subscribed to many, many newsletters and followed various online marketing professionals, and by far I have found Kathy Jo to be superior because as a Coach herself, she’s not at all about old school pushy sales techniques. Rather, Kathy Jo is all about freely giving away information and education, and she walks the talk herself. Most importantly, Kathy Jo is a really nice gal to get to know!”


Karen St.Hiliare
Karen St.Hiliare Kadence, LLC

Kathy Jo is an amazing Marketing Coach. Her style of implementation and execution made for a successful outcome. Her attention to detail regarding my need and her suggestions produced rewarding results for Kadence LLC.

She is punctual, detail oriented, knowledgeable (superb) and consistent. The amount of information that she provides to her clients is out of this world.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KATHY JO as a Marketing Coach for your business because you will see results. Results equals Rewards!”


Michele Jewitt
Michele Jewitt Michele Jewitt Coaching

Kathy Jo brings a rare combination in that she’s both an excellent coach (supportive, challenging) and consultant (expert). She’s also able to provide excellent resources and personal experience to what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to grow their service business.”


Iris Arenson-Fuller
Iris Arenson-Fuller Vision Powered Coaching

I enrolled in the Lotus Circle, one of Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas’ 12 week mastermind group for coaches. It was superlative. Her energy, creativity, thoroughness, warmth and the material she developed for this group made every moment valuable and enjoyable. I am still using her worksheets and exercises and finding new insights and ways to implement what I learned.

Kathy-Jo is a wonderful teacher and presenter and knows how to get to the heart of the matter and how to encourage people as well.

I highly recommend her work, whether you are considering one of her groups or individual coaching.”


Diane Baker
Diane Baker MORE Coaching
Kathy Jo is my Super Star! After contacting her for help with my career in coaching, she has helped me with her supportive words, kind and reassuring advice, and most of all her support. Kathy Jo has really helped me kick start my coaching business and I count her (if she will let me :-) ) in my support team for the future. Thanks heaps Kathy Jo!”


Leigh Pauldon
Leigh Pauldon Advancing Businesses
We started working with Kathy Jo to assist us with marketing to our target market, grow the business while staying aligned to our strategy and goals. Kathy Jo is down to earth, great to work with and has given us a lot more understanding of our target market and how to market to them. We are growing our coaching business and her ideas have had a great impact for us. She has also shown us again how coaches also get to close their business and the obvious can be right our nose. We are still working with her and I highly recommend Kathy Jo and her services.”


Stacey Byrd
Stacey Byrd Byrd Media Marketing
Working with Kathy Jo has been amazing! Before I began working with her, I was extremely confused, frustrated, and really didn’t understand how to market my business effectively. Together, we are working on creating my business model and I am already seeing results! I struggled with identifying my niche market, defining my ideal client, and expressing the values and benefits that my business can offer, and she has helped me work on those frustrating business marketing issues. Every time I work with Kathy Jo, I receive clarity on my business path and feel energized and excited to work on the next steps. I struggled for months on these issues and I can’t believe the relief that I feel knowing that Kathy Jo is my partner in helping my business succeed! I highly recommend Kathy Jo to any coach that is dealing with the frustrations of marketing their coaching business. When you partner with Kathy Jo, you have someone that TRULY wants your business to succeed!”


James Caldwell-Acha-Ngwodo
James Caldwell-Acha-Ngwodo S-P-I-R-I-T Coaching
Working with Kathy Jo has been a great experience! She has been very supportive and valuable resource. I appreciate Kathy Jo’s willingness to assist me and her diligence in helping me to market my coaching business. I hope to continue to work with Kathy as she has displayed a great deal of personality and integrity.”


Francine Carter
Francine Carter Action, Coaching, Training
Kathy Jo knows coaching, coaches and what it takes to market a coaching business. She assists with clarity, resources, and your own inner blocks to make sure you are out there doing what you love and what you have to offer the world!”


Dr. Preston Adams
Dr. Preston Adams Preston Adams International
Kathy Jo is awesome! I was recommended to her by another stellar coach, Francine Kolac Carter, and I have been very pleased with her coaching skills and professionalism. Kathy Jo is genuinely and deeply interested in helping her clients grow and achieve their goals. She is a master at asking the right questions and caused me to think deeper, something I’ve appreciated greatly. Kathy Jo is also very good at helping clients to be accountable to the coaching process. On numerous occasions she has helped me press through distractions in order to maximize the coaching experience. I would highly recommend Kathy Jo! She is truly a “coach to coaches!”


Denny Balish
Denny Balish Denny Balish Coaching
Kathy Jo is an expert in her field. Her passionate commitment to coaching permeates every fiber of her being. She helps coaches not only build highly successful businesses, but also inspires them to embrace with deep understanding, the important role coaches play as change-agents in a world seeking hope, healing, and transformation. Kathy Jo’s unique approach to marketing – marketing from the heart – shifted me from hating marketing to loving it! My business is growing beautifully but more importantly, I am enjoying the journey more than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend Kathy Jo and her marketing programs to any coach who dreams of creating a highly successful coaching business.”


Kathy Sloan
Kathy Sloan Certified Life Coach
Kathy Jo is a storehouse of information when it comes to marketing a coaching business. She is empowering, warm, and approachable. Before I met Kathy Jo, I had numerous questions about marketing, and she has been the expert I have needed to begin my own marketing process. If you are looking for a coach who is open, strategic, and energizing, Kathy Jo is for YOU!”

Mark Hershman
Mark Hershman Hershman Associates
Kathy Jo and I have been business colleagues for oveer three years. I have continually been impressed with her ability to “laser coach” into qualitative goal solutions with her clients. Kathy Jo’s marketing expertise for coaches is simply outstanding. Don’t pass up the opportunity to test the work of Kathy Jo.”


Sara Schiffer
Sara Schiffer CorChoice Coaching
Before working with Kathy Jo, I wasn’t clear on the comprehensive aspects of building a marketing program for my coaching business. Her personable approach, dedication, and integrity combined with the knowledge from her program helped me maintain the motivation and build the foundation I needed to grow my business. If you are a coach looking for a supportive coach to help you grow your business, you are looking at her right now.”


Kathleen Hennessey Buchanan
Kathleen Hennessey Buchanan Gently Shifting Sands
Kathy Jo is an expert in the field of marketing, especially for those of us in the Life coaching field. Within the first few weeks of working with Kathy Jo I found my passion for my niche market & launched my website; three months later I held my first workshop and most recently I have started publishing articles and working on my ebook. If you want to take your business to the next level, whatever that might be, work with Kathy Jo!”


Nicole Heinrich Nicole Heinrich Coaching
Kathy Jo is outstanding. I hired her to help me promote my coaching business and gain clarity on the direction I want my business to take. She has a profound knowledge of marketing and really knows her stuff. She’s not your typical coach in that she actually offers concrete answers rather than abstract advice. I would recommend anyone to Kathy Jo who is interested in marketing their business and implementing ways to generate substantial income.”



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