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Kathy Jo, PCC, ELI-MP, CEC, owner of Marketing Tao, LLC


Meet Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas | Market Your Coaching Business

The idea of marketing my business used to scare the heck out of me. I am a certified iPEC coach. I don’t have a marketing background. I was confused about what marketing even was. I thought I would have to spend hundreds of dollars on newspaper ads and that I would have to hire a marketing expert in order to get the type of business I wanted.

Although I was overwhelmed, I wasn’t too worried. You see, I have the luxury of a husband who makes a good living and I didn’t need to make tons of money right away. I’m the type of person that when I decide to do something I do it all the way. I was determined to make my coaching business work.

Unfortunately, I saw many of my fellow coaches have to quit their business because they just weren’t bringing in the kind of income they needed. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. One of my key strengths is research. I love it. So, I decided to learn everything I can about marketing, not only to get my coaching business where I want it to be, but to also prevent other coaches from wasting precious time, energy and money on marketing efforts that don’t work.

As I researched, studied, attended workshop after workshop, picked the brains of gurus, hired consultants, read dozens of books (and outlined them) and implemented this vast array of knowledge into my coaching business. I have collected and put into practice some of the most effective marketing material available for coaches.

Marketing coach for coaches

The element that distinguishes me from these other marketing experts is an emphasis on using your coaching skills, the skills you already possess and have perfected, to market your coaching business, change the world through your marketing, and be successful while doing what you love.

Now that you know more about me, I invite you to download the Marketing Tao free Effortless Marketing Kit for Coaches and Consultants below.


To Your Success!!

Effortless Marketing Kit

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