Success Stories

Look at what some of our clients have achieved.


A certified coach was struggling to make enough income to keep her business was overwhelmed, frustrated, and concerned how much longer she could keep up with this pace. In the span of 4 years, she was still hopping from opportunity to opportunity in order to find her “right” path.

Marketing Tao worked with this coach to:

  • Focus her niche market to match her talents, skills, experience, and passion
  • Develop a business structure that pulled the right clients to her
  • Define, package, add value to, and specialize her services
  • Develop reliable, predictable income
  • Shift her perspective of marketing to make it fun & easy

The result? A strong focus and direction, gaining a name in her niche, and a coach who knows down to her bones she is not only on her way to a thriving business but making an impact along the way.

A student who just enrolled in a coach training program was unsure about what to do and where to take her business. Although highly motivated, she was unsure about where to even begin. Working in our Marketing Made Practical Program, this coach-in-training learned:

  • To narrow her niche market
  • To identify her voice
  • How to be THE EXPERT in her niche
  • Successfully demonstrate her value & answer the “Why You?” question
  • To gain incredible visibility

The result? She is now light years ahead of her classmates and is making a name for herself in her niche market. She is already getting referrals from other professionals, becoming known as the person to work with in her area of expertise, and building a sustainable business.

A certified coach who has been out of the field for a few years decided to give it another try. Her children were now in school and she felt she had the time and energy to do what it takes to make her business successful. However, she didn’t know exactly what it would take. Market Your Coaching Business worked with this coach to:

  • Overcome the “icky” feeling of marketing
  • Successfully reach out and market a series of workshops
  • Create an easy marketing plan for the next year
  • Within 3 months has attracted enough clients to comfortably sustain her business

The Result? These simple steps are getting her over the hump, re-energizing her business and enthusiasm, and helping her to realize she has exactly what it takes to be a success.


If they did this, so can you!

Now that you know the type of results you can get, what are you waiting for?

If you are a certified coach who is serious about investing the time, energy, and money it takes to make a business thrive, pick the program or service that is right for you and sign up. We made it easy for you. You can sign up online with just a click and start receiving valuable information to get you on your thriving path.


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