The Story Guide to Writing About Your Business

May 13, 2011 by

In this digital age of blogging, websites and social media, it’s easier, cheaper and more effective than ever before to promote your business through writing.

“But I’m not a writer!” you protest.

You are without realizing it. Writing is just a form of storytelling, which we humans do daily. Eavesdrop on the conversations in any coffee shop:

“Did you watch the Chicago game on TV last night? Ortega scored 24 points despite having Brooks up in his grill the entire time.”

“Oh, I’m having a great week! On Tuesday, I lured the Bledcoe account away from a competitor because our service is better than theirs.”

“Sherry Morrison filed for divorce Friday. Apparently Jack’s administrative assistant was doing more for him than just filing.”

Those are stories—and if you know how to tell a story, you can write about your business. These examples show several important components when writing your business story:

  • Give important details: Who, what, when, where, why, how.
  • Share information useful to the recipient.
  • Present the information in the way best suited to the recipient. The sports fan obviously knows his listener is another sports fan who likely follows the same teams. (Notice they and the sport are not identified.) They speak a common language (“up in his grill”). When writing about your business, think of your ideal clients and the way they speak. Are they dignified, fun-loving, young or old? Write in a way that will resonate with them.

Now picture yourself sharing lattes with your ideal client and telling a story about something important about your business. Write it down!

Written By Guest Blogger and Market Your Coaching Business partner:

Steve Hall, Good Story Marketing

Writing coach and writer-for-hire Steve Hall helps individuals and organizations better tell their stories to connect with clients and customers. Contact him at




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