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Lack of Clarity Often Cited as the #1 Reason Why Businesses Fail

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My business is up 19%…Dawn Drozd3

I highly recommend Kathy Jo and her group.  I was a six-figure coach before I met Kathy Jo, but since working together, my business is up 19% and I have a much more clear picture of my target market and how to attract them.  If you want to make marketing easier and grow your business, give her a call TODAY!

Dawn Drozd | ClearVision Business Coaching | Utica MI.


From: Kathy Jo Slusher, PCC, ELI-MP, CEC

To: The Struggling Business Owner

As someone who got into your business to help others and make a difference, you were probably all gung-ho when you started, listening to everyone else’s suggestions about what to do, joining programs around 6-figure blogging or how to sell using videos. Anything you could to grow your business.

You put into play all the suggestions, tips & tricks they “gurus” told you about.web bio

But you’re not seeing the results you expected. Your dream of helping people is overshadowed by the inability to really reach anyone. You’re wondering what you have to do to make this work.

I’m here to tell you there IS hope!

I promise.

If you’re reading this page it’s because you are serious about building a thriving, sustainable business while also helping others. So in the next few minutes I’m going to pull back the velvet curtain and reveal the facts about gaining clarity and growing your business.

Forget everything you have read and what others say you “should” be doing.

You deserve the truth.

More specifically, you deserve to know whether or not you truly can build a business and market yourself. After all, that’s the reason you’re reading this isn’t it?


So, if you’re ready, let’s start debunking 7 of the most common marketing myths out there.

Here we go…

Myth # 1 – Declaring a niche will limit my playing field.

It’s a common belief that defining a niche will be limiting. However, this is simply not true. Clearly defining your target audience and the challenges they are facing (your niche) will make your message more “real” to those who hear it. People want to know you understand what they are going through. That you understand them. People hearing your message will be able to place themselves and others in the scenario.

Gaining clarity around your niche is vital to marketing your business successfully. This gives you a deep understanding of their experience in their own words so you can develop a message that speaks to their pains & creates an emotional reaction in them.

What you’ll start seeing is not only your ideal clients coming to you, but others outside of your niche to ask if you can help them, too.


Myth # 2 – Marketing all is about reaching out & doing as many marketing activities you can.

You do have to actually commit to doing marketing activities such as social media or article marketing. However, these external activities only account for 20% of the overall marketing process.

80% of marketing is internal.

Of that 80%, 40% is internal for your target audience. What their experience is like, what their thoughts, beliefs, perspectives around that experience and as well as their greatest desires.

The other half of the 80% is internal for you. What are your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives about marketing, your value & worthiness, and why prospects should work with you and not someone else?

Gaining clarity around the internal elements of marketing, for yourself & your target, will make the results you see from the external pieces happen more quickly and be more successful leading to more clients faster.


Myth # 3 – I should share all the offerings I have every time I speak with someone. You never know…

Often people believe more is better. This approach is a red flag for lack of clarity. Too many offers lead to confusion on the part of the buyer. But what is shows for you is lack of clarity around what the next step is, around your process & what you’re intentions are for that marketing activity – what you want to receive.

Each marketing activity should have 1 CTA – Call to Action. Again, too many choices will lead to NO! Rushing a prospect too fast into a high-end program will lead to NO! Not having a clear process will lead to NO!

Gaining clarity around your process & understanding the “what’s next” process is vital to easing clients into working with you.

This leads to clarityfrustrated_png around a Call to Action that is easier and more comfortable for your prospects to take the next step.


Myth # 4 – I should take every opportunity that comes my way.

It’s important to keep your eye open to opportunities. But not every opportunity leads you towards your vision. Accepting every opportunity leads to spinning your wheels, going nowhere leading to overwhelm, frustration &  burnout.

Gaining clarity around your vision is crucial to accepting the right opportunities at the right time that lead you where you truly want & need your life and your business to go.


Myth # 5 – I don’t have any value, but my service does.

This is a big one for those in the helping services. The value you offer. You may believe your value comes from the service and not from you. I’m here to tell you YOU HAVE A TON OF VALUE. You just have to know what it is. This value is often what sets you apart from your competitors.

Knowing the value that you offer, being able to clearly articulate that value & owning the value can mean the difference between a full clientele and no clients at all.


Myth # 6 – I’m not a marketing or sales person.

Service-based providers, especially those that are purpose-driven often have an immediate reaction to being called a marketing / sales person. They don’t want to be associated with the old stereo-type of the pushy marketing person.


The fact is, we are ALL marketers. The question is, “How do you want to market?”

The key is to understand how to pull your ideal clients to you and doing it in a way you are comfortable and confident with. That means gaining clarity around your strengths and developing a plan that works for you.


Myth # 7 – I have a logo, therefore I have a brand.

Your logo is only a small piece of your brand. It’s a visual representation of your brand, NOT your brand.

Your brand is a promise of an experience. It demonstrates what it will be like to work with you. It is emotionally charged and represents what you bring to the table while speaking to what your ideal clients are looking for.

Your brand comes across in everything from your logo to your website to the phrasing used in your writing. It even comes across in the way you dress and conduct yourself.

Your brand is the 1st impression people have of you. Clarity around your brand is extremely important to engaging with your target audience in a manner consistent with their expectations of you and building trusting relationships.


10 Ways Clarity Will Help Your Marketing ROI & Attract More Clients!


1. Cut Through the Information Clutterinfo chatter

Clarity helps your message stand out and above all the information chatter out there. Your audience gets over 3000 messages every single day. If your message is doing to stand out, you need absolute clarity around what you offer.

Your message needs to speak to your target’s greatest fears and deepest desires in a way that motivates action. Clarity lets them know they’re ready to work with you.


2. Find Your Ideal Client

Clarity helps you not only identify your ideal clients but also directs you to where you can get directly in front of them. By gaining clarity around your ideal clients you understand what they like to do, where they gather and spend their time, who they like to hang out with and where they go to find the solutions to their challenges. Clarity will help you know where to best position yourself and your marketing activities to have the greatest impact and reach more of your audience.


3. Answer the All Important “Why You?” Questionconfident-woman

We all get this question. You’re at a networking event and someone inevitably asks you, “So why should I work with you?” Clarity helps you answer this question without hesitation and with absolute confidence. Showing that you own your expertise.

Answering the “Why You?” question sets you apart from your competitors and positions you in the best light.


4. Make Marketing Easier

Not only easier, but infinitely more effective.

You may believe that to be effective in your marketing you have to do as many marketing activities as possible and spread yourself everywhere. What ends up happening is you are dabbling everywhere and not penetrating any particular area. It takes at least 7 to 10 times for people to see your message before they actually HEAR your message. It’s impossible to be that pervasive through all marketing channels.

If you try, you get overwhelmed, burned out and stop marketing all together.

It’s much better to be narrow and deep in your marketing than shallow and wide. Clarity guides your marketing efforts so not only are you getting more bang-for-your-buck but you’re also creating a natural flow in your marketing machine to move prospects into high-paying clients.


5. Gives Focus & Direction

Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland has a great quote. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Without direction in your business, you’re basically spinning your wheels and getting no traction. You’re on the road to nowhere.

Or you may be listening to what others are saying you “should” do and nothing feels right so you get frustrated and stop.

Clarity clears the path for you to take your business exactly where you want it to go. Saving time, energy, and lots & lots of money!thumbs up


6. Overcomes Buyer Resistance

The main cause of buyer resistance is confusion. If your prospect is confused about what you do, what your service does for them, how their life will be different after working with you, how it works, why they should start now, they value you bring, and so on, why would they say yes to working with you?

A confused mind ALWAYS says no!

If you’re not absolutely clear, you can’t expect your prospects to be clear. Gaining clarity eliminates confusion, leading to YES!


package7. Package Services so Prospects Understand Your Value

Clarity helps package your services to help prospects understand the value you offer. Service-based providers often try to sell their services. The problem with that is your services may be complicated & difficult to describe. Also your audience doesn’t really care about your services. They care about what they will get. Clarity helps you package your services as the solution your audience is looking for – making it easy to express & understand your value.


8. Gets Your Message Heard by the Right People

Service-based providers often offer complex services that aren’t easy to understand or cover a vast array of areas. You might find you go on & on when talking to people about what you do.

Or you see their eyes start glazing over and you know they aren’t getting it.

Clarity strips away the complexity of what you do, leaving a clear, concise message that’s easily understood. Resulting in the right people hearing a powerful message that moves them into action.


9. Builds Your Tribe

We’ve heard it over and over again…the power is in the list. But just having a list isn’t enough. It has to be a list of the right people.

Your tribe is made up of people who follow your message & rave about you. So you have to have clarity around who these people are, how to craft a message that speaks to them & gets them motivated enough to share your message with others, and where these people are at. Clarity is a necessary element to this.


finish line10. Keeps You on Track

As a business owner, you have hundreds of decisions to make each day. Can you be sure you’re always making the right ones for both you and your business?
Having clarity around your goals and objectives, around your vision, keeps you on track with what needs to be done when and what decisions will lead you to where you want to be. Making you much more productive & successful.



INTRODUCINGcc banner_png

Gaining clarity is key to the success of your business. Clarity in your business is the difference between connecting with your audience and getting blank stares; justifying your fees or lowering your prices; having direction and focus or doing, doing, doing and going nowhere; having a thriving business and struggling. The Clarity Corner is a group coaching program lead by Kathy Jo Slusher, marketing expert & business development coach. This group is specifically designed to help you gain the clarity you need for where you’re at and where you want to go.

One of the biggest reasons a business fails to due to lack of clarity. The Clarity Corner utilizes a group atmosphere along with marketing expert, Kathy Jo, to help you:

  • Gain direction & momentum
  • Create a clear message that resonates with your audience
  • Gets others to see the value you offer – and willing to pay for that value
  • Create a plan to move you forward
  • Effect the change you were meant to

You have your choice of one of two groups a Live Group or a Virtual Group – each for 12 weeks.  These meetings will propel you forward, shift your business & get you the results you’re looking for.

Regularly 3 payments of $297….

Today Just 3 payments of $147

That’s a 50% Savings!


Join the Live Group on Tuesdays                                 Join the Virtual Group on Thursdays

Starts January 14th 2014                                         Starts January 16th 2014

Live Group is from 11:00AM – 12:30PM                        Virtual Group is from 2:00PM to

at my office: 777 Beachway Dr. Indy                               3:30PM Eastern


 visa & mastercard





During the 12 weeks together in The Clarity Corner you will have:

An Objective Sounding Board

In this group you will have a group of people with whom you can bounce ideas off of to gauge the effectiveness of your message, make sure the message you intend to send is actually the message they receive, and get insight you may not have thought of.

Fresh Ideas & Perspectives

We only have so much room in our heads. We can’t think of everything. A group of supportive people who are truly interested in your success can give you fresh ideas and perspectives to keep you on the right path.


Let’s face it attaining our goals is not always a strong suit. We let things get in our way; we stop ourselves; obstacles pop up. Accountability holds you to task. The members of The Clarity Corner will hold you accountable to the goals YOU choose so you can turn those incredible ideas into reality.

Inspiration & Motivation

The day to day grind of running a business can stifle inspiration and motivation. In The Clarity Corner you will be invigorated by the other member’s enthusiasm, excitement and energy allowing you to tap into what truly motivates and inspires you.

Gain Sincere & Honest Feedback

You can bounce ideas off of friends and family but will they give you honest feedback? In The Clarity Corner you can expect honest, yet supportive feedback so you can know your message, program or focus is on target.

Leverage the Experience of the Other Members

Why reinvent the wheel? Instead, leverage the experience of the other group members. Learn what has worked, what has not worked, what is the easiest route, what might stop you, what you haven’t thought of, and circumvent trial & error, creating a shortcut to success.

Be Challenged to Be Brilliant

In order for you true brilliance to shine and for you to reach your full potential, being stagnant won’t cut it. In the Clarity Corner you will be gently pushed & prodded in a safe & supportive environment to be & do your best.

Access to Vast Collection of Resources

I have literally thousands of resources I am willing to freely share. Everything from checklists, to tips & tools, to templates, to audio recordings. If it’s something that will help you achieve your goals I am more than willing to share it. But more, you also have the other group members with whom to share resources.


OK, how often have you had a great idea for a new product or saw a need and thought that would make a great program then nothing ever comes of it? This group will help you stay focused on your vision & long-term goals and what it will take for you to follow through to actually make it happen.

A Support Network

Being a business owner isn’t always easy. Often the people who love us the most don’t really understand what it takes. The Clarity Corner group is designed to be a supportive environment where you have a group of people invested in your success. Here you will find others who know exactly what you’re going through, what it means to wear so many hats and the frustrations & celebrations of owning a business, and be that support to help you through it.


When you combine the massive benefits of The Clarity Corner, the ongoing support, the powerful tools and resources, template, tips, and checklists Kathy Jo has to share, and the unbelievably limited time low price, it’s simply the smartest thing you can do for your success and the success of your business this year!

Regularly 3 payments of $297….

Today Just 3 payments of $147

That’s a 50% Savings


Join the Live Group on Tuesdays                                      Join the Virtual Group on Thursdays

Starts January 14th 2014                                                 Starts January 16th 2014

Live Group is from 11:00AM – 12:30PM                             Virtual Group is from 2:00PM to

at my office: 777 Beachway Dr. Indy                                     3:30PM Eastern


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WAIT! Before We Go Any Further…

…take my simple quiz to see if you’re ready for more clarity in your business.


Before we go any further, I’d like to take a second to gauge your clarity around if you’re ready to start a program like this.


Before we go any further, I’d like to take a second to gauge your clarity around if you’re ready to start a program like this.


1. I’m comfortable where I’m at.
I love highly passionate & motivated clients. These are the people who are the most successful. They are ready to grow & committed to doing what it takes to create success.


2. I’m looking for that one magic pill that guarantees 6-figures in a few months.
As any successful business owner knows, it takes time, patience, and know-how to grow a thriving business. So if you’re looking for that one secret ingredient for instant success, don’t look here.


3. I’d rather go where the wind takes me than know where I’m going.
Like Ben Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Taking the time to gain clarity around where you want to go & the steps it takes to get there is the only sure way to succeed.



If you answered “NO” to any of these questions…please read the stories below of people just like you who passed our “little quiz” and are finally on their way to success.



Take a Peek at the Success Stories from Other 

Struggling   Thrilled png

Business Owners


Sumom3I have a structured and thought out plan

Kathy Jo provides a wealth of resources in a manner that is organized and does not overwhelm you.  She made abstract concepts practical and laid out a step by step manual to help me with my marketing efforts.  Before taking Kathy Jo’s group, I felt like I was throwing darts with my marketing but now I have a structured and thought out plan that incorporates many different vehicles such as website enhancements, social media, blogs, podcasts. Thanks Kathy Jo for making marketing seem easy!

Sumom Geevarughese  | UPGRADE IT ALL  |  Boca Raton FL


kick start my businessDiana Baker web

Kathy is my Super Star! After contacting her for help with my career in coaching, she has helped me with her supportive words, kind and reassuring advice, and most of all her support. Kathy Jo has really helped me kick start my business and I count her (if she will let me :-) ) in my support team for the future. Thanks heaps Kathy Jo!

Diana Baker  |   MORE Coaching   |  Sydney Australia


DanaPollock3The clarity and messages that were delivered to me were exactly what I needed.

Wow, Kathy Jo is amazing!  I can’t explain to you how amazing this was for me.  I was not even going to bring it up my blocks and then a few minutes before the call, something told me that I need to bring it to the group. Being able to talk about it and admit how I was feeling allowed me to look at my blocks head on which was extremely powerful.

The clarity and messages that were delivered to me were exactly what I needed.  I typed and typed for a few hours and I love what came out.  I overcame my long time block of not being able to write a workshop and I came up with 7 topics for a new workshop series.  And, it is finally starting to make sense and come together for me.  Thanks so much.

Dana Pollock | Tranzform Coaching  | Philadelphia, PA


Leigh3understanding & clarity of our target market

We started working with Kathy Jo to assist us with marketing to our target market, grow the business while staying aligned to our strategy and goals. Kathy Jo is down to earth, great to work with and has given us a lot more understanding & clarity of our target market and how to market to them. We are growing and her ideas have had a great impact for us. She has also shown us again how coaches also get to close their business and the obvious can be right our nose. We are still working with her and I highly recommend Kathy Jo and her services.

Leigh Pauldon  | Advancing Businesses | Christchurch New Zealand


StaceyByrd2 pngMy clients have increased by 50%

Before I began working with Kathy Jo, I was extremely confused, frustrated, and didn’t understand how to market my business. Together, we created my business model, identified my niche market, defined my ideal client, and defined the values and benefits I offer. Now I have clarity, and am energized and excited. The results? My clients have increased by 50%.  I highly recommend Kathy Jo to any coach that is dealing with the frustrations of marketing their coaching business.

Stacey Byrd | Byrd Media Marketing | Pennsylvania


I highly recommend her and her groupMichelleJewitt2 png

Kathy Jo brings a rare combination in that she’s both an excellent coach (supportive, challenging) and consultant (expert). She’s also able to provide excellent resources and personal experience to what she does. I highly recommend her and her group to anyone ready to grow their service business.

Michele Jewitt | Michele Jewitt Coaching | Orange County California


Karen St.Hilaire3The amount of information that she provides to her clients is out of this world.

Kathy Jo is an amazing Marketing Coach. Her style of implementation and execution made for a successful outcome. Her attention to detail regarding my need and her suggestions produced rewarding results for Kadence LLC.  She is punctual, detail oriented, knowledgeable (superb) and consistent. The amount of information that she provides to her clients is out of this world.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KATHY JO as a Marketing Coach for your business because you will see results. Results equals Rewards!

Karen St. Hilaire | Kadence, LLC  | New York, New York



Reserve Your Spot in The Clarity Corner Today and I’ll Throw in These Exclusive Bonuses!

BONUS #1: 7 Absolute Must Haves Every Business Owner Needs Audio Program7 Absolute must have bundle

Are you groping around in the dark, trying to figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to be?

Business Owners who use focused marketing strategies build the most prosperous businesses.  Many business owners don’t generate the level of business they desire, leaving them frustrated to the point of exhaustion.  By using a clear, integrated marketing approach, success can easily be yours.

Thriving business owners know how to leverage strategies for the best results.  By integrating these sure-fire strategies, you can build a strong, resilient business that will produce amazing results.  In this program you will:

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This program will give you clear strategies to grow a prosperous business!


BONUS #2: Marketing Mind Shifts Audio ProgramMarketing Mind Shift package

Does marketing your business feel like a black cloud hanging over your head?

Marketing is an essential part of any business.  Marketing captivates your client and drives them to you.  The way you think about marketing directly affects your success.  If your business isn’t where you want it to be, your marketing is the culprit.

The single most important driver in your success is your beliefs around marketing.  Marketing should be your best friend, not your nemesis.  In this program you will:

  • Learn Why You are ALREADY an Expert Marketer
  • Discover 3 Mind Shifts that will CATAPULT Your Business to Success
  • Understand What Your Prospects REALLY Need

This program will change the way you approach marketing forever!


Reserve Your Spot and Take Advantage of my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…


I understand you’ve probably tried everything under the sun, listened to all the “gurus’ and implemented action you were told you “should” do and it still doesn’t feel right. They key to success lies in CLARITY.  That’s why I’m willing to give you the best guarantee possible.

You should know that you’re taking absolutely no risk because your investment is backed by my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Take the first 30 days after the start date to experience the program and the valuable support of your fellow group members and insight from me, and make sure it’s exactly what you need to be successful in building your business and gaining more clients, naturally and authentically.

I am 100% confident that after you gain clarity, perspective and strategies you will be on track to gain a success.

But if The Clarity Corner program isn’t everything you were expecting, just let me know within the first 30 days and I will refund your money.


So, What’s the Catch?

So, what’s the catch?

There is no catch.

You get to reserve your exclusive spot in The Clarity Corner for the discounted priced of 3 easy payments of $147, plus 7 Absolute Must Haves Every Business Owner Needs Audio Program and the Marketing Mind Shifts Audio Program, with no strings attached.

Of course, when you start to experience the clarity around your business and pieces start falling into place, I hope you’ll return the favor by sharing your success story.

To sum up…

I give you a 30 day guarantee putting 100% of the risk on me…

… you take 30 seconds to tell me your success story and share this program with your friends so they can achieve the success you have.

Sound fair?


Yes Kathy Jo! Reserve My Exclusive Spot in The Clarity Corner Today!


I can’t wait to get started gaining direction, momentum, and clarity through The Clarity Corner. I understand this group will help me attain the success I’m looking for while I effect change in the world.

By joining The Clarity Corner, I understand I will receive:ältere Frau zeigt Top-Daumen

  • An Objective Sounding Board
  • Fresh Ideas & Perspectives
  • Accountability
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Gain Sincere & Honest Feedback
  • Leverage the Experience of the Other Members
  • Be Challenged to Be Brilliant
  • Access to Vast Collection of Resources
  • Follow-Through
  • A Support Network

I also understand that the benefits of joining a group like this far out way the investment. I am looking forward to getting started with experiencing this amazing group. This is the smartest thing I can do for my success and the success of my business!


Regularly 3 payments of $297….

All This for Just 3 payments of $147

That’s a 50% Savings


Join the Live Group on Tuesdays                                      Join the Virtual Group on Thursdays  Starts January 14th 2014                                                Starts January16th 2014

Live Group is from 11:00AM – 12:30PM                             Virtual Group is from 2:00PM to

at my office: 777 Beachway Dr. Indy                                    3:30PM Eastern


 visa & mastercard




You’re Standing at a Crossroads Right Now!
Way Signs "Innovation, This Way - Stagnation"

                                                               Which Path Will You Choose?

It’s time to make a choice.

Right Now!

You have 3 choices at this point.

  1. Your 1st choice is to stay on the path you are currently on. This takes you down a bumpy road of not knowing where your business is going. Letting what happens happen & having little to no control over the outcome.
  2. Your 2nd choice is to continue listening to what others tell you you “should” do. This takes you down someone else’s path. A path that just doesn’t feel right or seem to fit what you want.
  3. Your 3rd choice is to reserve your spot in The Clarity Corner today and start designing your business the way YOU want in a way that’s right for YOU and builds the success YOU deserve.

Which one would YOU rather choose?

I trust you’ll make the right decision and choose to join The Clarity Corner for your business and enroll TODAY.

Why are you waiting? You’re protected by my 30-day money back guarantee.

All I ask in return is that when you start gaining the clarity and turning things around you send your success story showing everyone else how much this program has helped you and your business.

To Your Success!







Kathy Jo Slusher


Marketing Tao, LLC




P.S.  Francois Gautier says, “More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.”  It’s about the time, energy and money you have already wasted by not having absolute clarity around your business…here’s your chance to do something about that right now.

So take a (no-risk) leap of faith & reserve your spot. If you don’t, how much more time, energy & money are you willing to lose before you gain clarity?

P.S.S. Remember when you reserve your spot today you also get my 2 valuable bonuses…plus my 30-day money back guarantee.


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