Turn Down Time into Super Productive Time

May 1, 2011 by

I don’t know about you, but there are times when my business really slows down.

My clients and prospects are taking vacations, or several contracts end at once, or there’s just a dry spell. All businesses experience this.  But you don’t have to lose the momentum or wonder what you can do to attract more clients.

You can leverage this down time  to your advantage and grow your business. You can use this opportunity to build new products, new programs, and visibility. This time is critical for the growth of your business.  If all of your time is wrapped up in working with clients, you don’t have the opportunity to develop growth materials.

Here are a few options to undertake during your downtime

  1. Evaluate your packages and services
  2. Identify speaking opportunities and send out speaking proposals
  3. Develop new products
  4. Write article series and submit them online
  5. Offer discounts and special offers to those already on your list for the holidays / events for the next year
  6. Develop workshops, speeches, seminars, teleclasses etc. as part of your marketing plan for the new year.
  7. Survey your list on what they want to see in the next year
  8. Create a month by month theme for your ezine
  9. Update your website
  10. Go to networking events and meet new people  to create Joint Venture partnerships for the next year
  11. Develop a client initial session outline so you take each prospect through the same intake process
  12. Write press releases for the new products, programs, and services you are offering
  13. Get active in social media
  14. Pre-write and schedule delivery of your ezine for the next few months
  15. Create your marketing plan for next year.

Pick 3 – 5 of the activities you think will match your strengths, the needs of your prospects and will move your business forward faster. See these activities ALL THE WAY THROUGH! This is critical.

Take this time to create and plan. Think of it this way, although it may seem as though plants die during the winter months, they don’t. They rejuvenate and concentrate on developing stronger roots so the next spring they can bloom bigger, brighter and more fully. This is exactly what you are doing for your business.


Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas
Market Your Coaching Business



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