Effortless Marketing Kit

Market Your Coaching Business with Your  Free Effortless Marketing Kit


Are you one of the 91% of coaches who struggle in their marketing?

Many coaches waste a lot of time, energy, and money on ineffective marketing and get nowhere.

These three powerful marketing tools for coaches and consultants will get your marketing on the right track!


Coaches Effortless Marketing Checklist

Free Effortless Marketing Checklist for Coaches & Consultants

Inside you will find a comprehensive checklist to help you organize your marketing efforts and pick the venues that are

right for you. With this marketing checklist, you will be able to ID where to focus your marketing energy as well as discover any gaps in your marketing plan and how to fill those gaps.


I need a clearly thought out comprehensive marketing plan for my coaching business that gets me the results I want.


10 Deadly Sins Coaches & Consultants Make and How to Avoid Them

Inside you will find some of the most commonly made marketing mistakes coaches and Marketing Mistakes for Coaches & Consultantsconsultants make. Unchecked, these sins lead your coaching business to certain doom.

But no worries: Each eye-opening mistake can be overcome and I will show you how. This ebook will save you from all the ineffective marketing efforts and create a smooth and successful marketing experience for you and your prospects.


I want to improve the results I get from marketing my coaching or consulting business?


Attention Grabbing Words that Sell

Attention Grabbing Words that Sell for Coaches & ConsultantsInside you will find how to use your words,written and spoken, to snag your prospects attention.

Words are an essential piece of marketing your coaching business that can stop you in your tracks. This ebook will give you the edge by supplying you with powerful headline formulas to use in all your marketing and advertising.

You will also receive two special bonuses in this ebook.


I need help attracting more clients to my coaching or consulting business through my marketing.

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  2. flo

    loved the 1st webinar!

    • Thanks Flo! I’m glad you enjoyed the Coach is In! call. I’m looking forward to talking to you again next month. Please keep in touch through your iPEC journey. I’d love to hear how things are going.

  3. Thanks $author for the share. I like your style of writing. I for sure come back later on. Have a good day!

    • Hey Barbara,

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you are enjoying the information. Looking forward to having you come back. Have a great week!

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