How to Turn Down the Volume of the Marketing Gremlin

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I was asked by another coach recently, “What do you do when the marketing gremlin gets too loud?” What a great question. This is something that I wrestled with when I started and something many of my clients are facing as well. When I first started, the self-doubt volume was so loud it drowned out any other noise in my head saying, “you have to do this” or “this is your purpose” or “people need what you have to offer.” It was so loud, it literally froze me to the point where I stopped doing any form of marketing. That’s when I realized I have to change the way I look at marketing if I’m going to be able to do what I love.

Stop the Marketing Self-Doubt

First off, does that negative self-talk still come up?  Yes!


Even now it sneaks up on me, when someone unsubscribes from my newsletter list, when someone challenges me during a presentation. I even had someone hang up on me during a teleclass because they didn’t like what I said. So every now and there, there’s still this little meow of doubt.


So, what do I do? I reconnect with what MY definition of marketing is again.


Here are 4 different ways to look at marketing that might help you stare down and quiet your marketing gremlin.


  1. For me, marketing is like coaching. Marketing is about asking powerful questions and truly listening to the answers. It’s about finding the right answers for your client (or prospect). The intention of marketing is to motivate people to step into change. As coaches, we do the same and then help them implement those changes. Ultimately, however, marketing is about developing trusting relationships, which is the foundation of coaching.
  2. Marketing is about educating. People crave information. Our job as marketers is to educate people on the gaps missing in their lives that cause the discomfort, pain or challenge. That is why I’m such a huge advocate for giving information away. Giving information is a great way to educate people about what you can help them achieve as well as demonstrating your expertise. People will not come to you and pay for information. But they will come to you and pay for the implementation of that information.
  3. Marketing is an open-ended invitation. I love looking at marketing from this point of view. One of the crucial elements to any marketing message that is usually missing is the call to action. Often, coaches and other soloprofessionals are hesitant to ask for the business because they don’t want to be pushy. I like to look at the call to action as extending an open-ended invitation to work with me so they can determine when the time is right for them, knowing the door is always open.
  4. Through marketing, you can still make a HUGE difference in people’s lives. I often speak to coaches who say they really want to help those people who can’t afford it. Content marketing is the idea of giving away content for free to showcase yourself as an expert and drive people to your sight. However, there’s one important piece to this. With content marketing you can still help others who may never be able to or want to work directly with you. You can extend your reach and touch people all over the world just through your marketing.


Now, I’m not saying all these views will be right for you. And there are certainly many other ways to look at marketing that might work better for you. The point is, don’t let the word “marketing” stop you from doing what you love. By looking at marketing in a different way, you can not only help many more people than you ever thought possible, but you can also quell the roar of that marketing gremlin to a miniscule, occasional meow.

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