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Jun 12, 2011 by

Don’t Let Red Flags Tie You Down

Sometimes I’m carrying so many red flags I could make capes for matadors.

Red flags are your body’s way of saying you’re out of alignment with what’s really right for you and your values. Just like a matador, you know you’re getting involved with a lot of bull; unlike a matador, you know from the start it’s a big mistake.

My red flags show up in different ways:

  • My stomach sinks, or
  • My throat tightens up, or
  • My shoulders slump just a little, or
  • My energy sinks – sometimes nosedives.

But do I listen? NO – at least not always. But, it’s something I’m working on.

Why is this important?

Because even a little bit of downward or negative energy can dam up the flow of your coaching business, whether it’s:

  • From a friend who has called you for the 10th time this week because you are such a good listener and you have the time (yeah – right!) and you answer.
  • Taking on a client who you know in the pit of your stomach you shouldn’t, but need the money.
  • You are asked to do something that is outside of your values and do it because you are afraid of upsetting that person.
  • That “innocent comment” from a loved one not understanding why you don’t get a “real” job.

Before you know it, you are completely covered with red flags! Each red flag is like stone being tossed into a stream. It’s an obstacle that redirects and stunts the flow of energy. Your red flags are letting you know the momentum of your energy is about to be redirected from your true passion & purpose.

How does that show up in your business?

  • You send out misspelled newsletters – oh yeah, that’s me!
  • You aren’t fully engaged with your clients
  • You begin having doubts about your value & worth
  • The energy in your marketing material for your coaching business is repelling potential clients
  • Opportunities seem to disappear

Do I need to go on?

It’s important to ONLY take on tasks, assignments, functions, ideal clients, etc. that feed and nourish your soul. Through that, your coaching business will be fully fed and nourished. Believe it or not, possible client’s feel the energy and intention you have when you create your marketing material. It comes across in the words you use, the themes you select, the intentions and objectives of the marketing piece.

Make sure that the marketing of your coaching business is fed through a fully nourished and “green flagged” soul! You’ll feel great about what you’re doing, and your prospects and ideal clients will thank you for it.  And that’s no bull.


Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas

Market Your Coaching Business



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