7 Major Mistakes that Turn Your Marketing Message from Power to Putty

May 6, 2011 by

How do you inspire people into action? When do you do it?

One of the best times to inspire them into action is when you are sitting down across from them talking about coaching. How do you do that? Through your marketing message.

A Marketing Message isn’t just an elevator speech or even a description of what you do. A powerful Marketing Message must follow a very special formula.

And here it is:

  • Your Target Market: who is the group of people you are looking to work with?
  • Their Pains/ Challenges: what are they currently going through? Not what you think they are going through, but what EXACTLY are they searching for?
  • The Benefits You Offer: what is the end result your clients can expect / often the exact opposite of their pains and challenges.
  • Your Proof: testimonials, case studies, stories, examples
  • Your Call to Action: this is your invitation to enroll into your program

This formula makes a powerful message that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention. But, be careful not to water it down.

Here are 7 major mistakes that can dilute your message and turn it from power to putty:

  1. Making it too long: people’s attention span is very short. You only have 2 to 3 seconds to capture and keep someone’s attention. Make it short, sweet, and strong!
  2. Using labels: people don’t know or care who you are or what you “do.” They care what they “get!” Don’t describe what you do – describe how by what you do their life will be different.
  3. Talking about process: again – they don’t care about the process. At least not up front. You only have 3 seconds to grab and keep someone’s attention. Tell them what they will get by working with you.
  4. No emotional triggers: we buy and move into action based on emotions. You have to make your message relevant to what is important to them. Numbers, statistics, process, details are important, but not at first. Hit the emotions by describing what they are going through and what they really desire through “feeling” words.
  5. Covers too much: have you ever talked to someone who took forever getting to the point? It’s pretty frustrating and you’re sitting there thinking “will you get to the point?” and not listening. Don’t go too much into details. Be concise with your message or you’ll lose them.
  6. Covers too little: fine balance – but don’t be too vague, either. Give enough information to whet their appetite.
  7. No clear call to action: this is a big one. How many times have we sent out the perfect message, yet didn’t follow it up with any clear direction for the next step? Understand and clearly state what it is you want your prospects to do and feel upon hearing your message.

The above formula and tips will help you create a powerful, precise, compelling message. If you follow the 3 C’s with your message: consistently, constantly, and clarity and use this powerful formula, you will create a precise, compelling message that will inspire your ideal prospects to move into action and start that change.

After all, that’s what it means to be a Change Agent.


Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas

Market Your Coaching Business



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