Marketing Made Easy

for Coaches & Consultants


Marketing Made Easy goes beyond your average marketing information. Designed especially for newer coaches just getting started, this 6-part audio program series sifts through the overwhelm of information, narrows down the most successful marketing structure for coaches and demonstrates how to use the skills you already possess to create a thriving coaching business.

What Will This Digital Audio Series Help You Do?

You Will:

  • Overcome the “icky” feeling associated with marketing & selling

  • Learn THE most successful business model for coaches

  • Bring in a steady stream of reliable income

  • Develop a signature program that will attract those high paying 1-on-1 clients

There are people out there already looking for you.



And Every One is willing to PAY for what you have to offer.

Your job isn’t to hunt them down.

Your job is to be seen.

And I’ll show you how.


Program #1 Marketing Mind Shifts

Does marketing your business feel like a black cloud hanging over your head?

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Marketing captivates your client and drives them to you. The way you think about marketing directly affects your success. If your business isn’t where you want it to be, your marketing is the culprit.


The single most important driver in your success is your beliefs around marketing.

Marketing should be your best friend, not your nemesis. In this program you will:

  • Learn Why You are ALREADY an Expert Marketer
  • Discover 3 Mind Shifts that will CATAPULT Your Business to Success
  • Understand What Your Prospects REALLY Want


This digital program will change the way you approach marketing forever!

Program #2 Niche or Die

Are you sitting around waiting for your niche to find you while clients are getting away?

Without a niche, you are really marketing to no one.

Many coaches struggle trying to figure out what their niche is. Some spend months, even years, hoping a niche will find them, while others market to everyone because they don’t want to exclude anyone. Both will lead to the death of your business. Niching creates expert status. Having a clearly defined niche narrows down your target market to a place where you can really be seen as the expert in your field.


A niche creates more visibility and draws the right clients to you because you have what they want.

In this program you will:

  • Learn EXACTLY what you need to do to SKYROCKET Your Business
  • Develop a Crystal Clear Message so you NEVER have to explain what a “Coach Does” ever again.
  • Structure Your Core Message so Your Prospects see YOU as THE SOLUTION they have been looking for.


This digital program will breathe life into your business!

Program #3 Building Your Marketing Machine

Are you spinning your marketing wheels and getting nowhere?

Having a clearly structured marketing system will take your business where you want it to go. Many coaches try building their business in pieces, which leaves them feeling scattered, unfocused, and downright stuck in the mud. Without a clear marketing system in place, you will spend a lot of time and money getting the results you don’t want. The key to marketing your business is:


Value Creation = Wealth Creation

Developing value-infused products and services will not only allow you to grow your business with greater ease, but also provide tremendous help to your clients every step of the way. In this program you will:

  • Discover the Model that will Accelerate Your Business While Saving You TIME, ENERGY and MONEY
  • Learn a Simple, Easily Recreate-able Market Guide that FOCUSES Your Efforts for BETTER RESULTS
  • Learn a Strategy that will Identify and Attract the 5% of People ALREADY LOOKING FOR YOU
  • And stop wasting your time on the other 95%


This digital program will get your marketing on the road to success!

Program #4 Streams of Predictable, Reliable Income

Are you on the hunt again…..trying to bag your next one-on-one client?

A profitable, sustainable coaching business does not relying solely on one-to-one clients. One of the biggest reasons coaches don’t thrive financially is because they rely too heavily on one-on-one coaching. By expanding the way you think about coaching, clients will flock to you.

Successful coaches diversify the way they deliver their coaching.


With even a small number of quality products you will reach more people and generate more income than you ever thought possible. In this program you will:

  • Discover 17 ways to sell value and grow your business with ease
  • Learn to Turn Your Passion for Helping Others into Products that will TRIPLE YOUR INCOME and EXPAND Your Reach
  • Create Your First Product in 30 DAYS or LESS


This digital will give you the tools you need to make the products you want!

Program #5 Creating Your High-End Signature Program

Is your business bouncing all over the place without clear direction?

Having a unique High-End Signature Program anchors your entire business. Many coaches begin by coaching everyone on anything, leaving them feeling pulled and scattered in all directions. Coaching this way is entirely ineffective and ultimately leads to burnout.


A Signature Program will simplify your business and drive results.

Having a unique Signature program gives your business a decided edge and enables you to deliver high quality results to satisfied clients. In this program you will:

  • Learn 5 Business Models that will dictate the program format
  • Discover the 6 Program Formats that work best for coaches
  • Get a step-by-step process to Develop Your Signature Program


This digital program is a must for any sustainable coaching business!

Program #6 Seven (7) Absolute Must-Haves for Every Coaching Business

Are you groping around in the dark, trying to figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to be?

Coaches who use focused marketing strategies build the most prosperous businesses. Many coaches don’t generate the level of business they desire, leaving them frustrated to the point of exhaustion.


By using a clear, integrated marketing approach, success can easily be yours.

Thriving coaches know how to leverage strategies for the best results. By integrating these sure-fire strategies, you can build a strong, resilient business that will produce amazing results.

In this program you will:

  • Discover 7 Key Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Business
  • Learn How to Create an Irresistible Offer That Will Drive Clients To You
  • Create a Business that will Run Smoothly While Your Sit on the Beach Drinking a Mai Tai


This digital program will give you clear strategies to grow a prosperous business!

All 6 Audio Programs for a low



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