The Lotus Circle: Marketing Mastermind for Coaches

A hybrid marketing program and mastermind group, The Lotus Circle offers you the support you need in a caring, respectful, synergistic environment that accelerates your growth. During this 3-month program, we will cover and discuss topics such as:

  • Discovering Your Lucrative Niche
  • Developing a Powerful Marketing Message
  • Creating High Visibility and Lead Generation
  • Packaging Your Services to Demand Higher Prices
  • Value-Added Marketing
  • The Coach Approach Sales System

These content sessions each come complete with an Implementation Manual so you can start applying the information immediately.

Along with the content portion of this group, there is also a Mastermind Element. This group is designed to openly share resources and wisdom so you can tap into the collective mind of the group, develop a strong support structure, and have a planning & development sounding board, all in a dynamic, synergistic environment.


Find Out More Information & Sign Up for the Lotus Circle

So you no longer have to feel as though you are walking this road alone!


  1. Thanks for the coach community call. I would like info on your upcoming mastermind.


    • Hi Karen,

      You’re more than welcome. I hope you find the information useful. You can find out more about the Lotus Circle at If you have any further questions I would be happy to schedule a time to chat about the program with you and answer any questions. Have a great day!!

      Kathy Jo

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