The Way of the Niche

Dear Coach,

Helping Coaches Find Their Niche | Market Your Coaching Business

You’ve heard it over & over again. Narrow down. Focus. Pick one.


You might be saying, “I’ll be turning clients away” or “I want to help everyone” or “If I niche, I will be closing doors of opportunity.”

Here’s one of the biggest secrets about defining a niche that no one talks about. A niche is JUST a marketing tool!

You never have to turn any potential client away. Niching doesn’t mean you have to turn anyone away. But I strongly encourage you to consider whether you are the right coach for this client.

With a clearly defined, tight niche allows you to reach more people and make a bigger difference in the world. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. You will know where to find the people who are interested in what you have to say easier, cheaper,and faster, while making deep connections with them on many levels.

Having a tight niche opens more doors than it closes. Clarifying your niche actually opens more doors because you are knocking louder and getting more attention through a clearer, emotionally charged message.

Through this program I will partner with you to start building that grand vision of making those powerful changes by reaching the people who are already out there waiting to hear your unique message. And they ARE there, waiting for you to find them.


You and I will work to:

  • Discover your unique gifts and values that sets you apart from all the other coaches and answers the “Why You?” question.
  • Identify your strengths and passions, and examine the most effective ways for you to pull the ideal clients to you.
  • Identify your area of expertise and how that can solve your ideal client’s #1 need or challenge.
  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • Create that life changing message that grabs your ideal client’s attention at a deep and emotional level and inspires them into immediate action.


Who is this program for?

Are you a Coach who:

  • Has been coaching for a while and can’t seem to get where you want to be?
  • Went “where the money was” and found the money wasn’t really there and it feels flat?
  • Is ready to attract all the clients you can handle?
  • Feels scattered?
  • Is prepared to conquer the world?

Yes? This program is for YOU!

So now what?


Schedule an introductory session to determine if this is an ideal program for you.


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