5 Tips to Impress Your Prospects and Snag New Clients in the Sales Conversation

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When speaking to your prospects you may experience what many other coaches and consultants experience –“ Ummmmm”… not knowing what to say or how to say it. I experienced this the other day when I was looking at hiring someone myself. I asked, “How can you help me?” Her response? “Ummm” I asked, “What can I expect?” Her response? “Ummm” I then asked, “Where do you see your services can benefit me?” “Ummmm”

I was so frustrated. I felt like I wasted 45 minutes of my time with someone who was unprepared. If they don’t know what they are doing or how they can help me, why would I hire them?

I see this with a lot of coaches, too. Having the sales conversation isn’t something we’re taught when getting our training. But it’s an essential part of growing your business. Here’s a few tips that might help you through this crucial, but confounding conversation.


Be clear about what you help people achieve and what you don’t.

If you’re not clear, neither will they be. You must be absolutely clear about what you help people achieve, how their live will be different after working with you, and the value you have to offer when you are speaking to your prospects.

You also have to be clear about what is out of your scope of services. As coaches and consultants we tend to want to help everyone. Yet, we are not always the best option to fit our client’s needs. Knowing this and having the resources to refer them to their best fit, will not only impress your prospects but also set up a great referral network for yourself.


Always have a “What’s Next” process

I see this a lot. You will give a workshop and not have anything that the workshop leads into. Or you talk to a prospect about coaching and they ask you, “what’s next?” and you don’t have an answer. Or you are giving a speech and nothing comes from it.

You don’t have a “What’s Next” process. A “What’s Next” process is the next step you want your prospects or clients to take. It’s a call to action that leads them into the next step of their development. It could be leading them into a group coaching program from a presentation. It could be a 1-on-1 program from your group coaching program. It could also be the intake process you take your new clients through when they first sign up.

Regardless of the service, program, product, or conversation you should ALWAYS be prepared for the “What’s Next?’ question.


Know your stuff and say it with confidence

You are an expert. Needless to say, you should really know your stuff when you are presenting or speaking to potential clients. I would venture to say most of you do. But, do you share that information and expertise with confidence? If you don’t absolutely, 100% believe in yourself and what you offer, chances are your prospects are going to have doubts as well.


Be willing to give – even if they never buy anything from you

I am a huge proponent of giving. I advocate for giving information away all the time. Information is free. People expect it for free. It’s already out there anyhow. Be a resource and give your information away. Your prospects will walk away absolutely WOWed by you.


Ask questions

Think about the most interesting conversations you have ever had. Chances are, they are the ones where you did most of the talking. Impress your prospects by allowing them to talk. Ask them powerful questions, show a genuine interest in what they are going through, mirror back what they are saying so they feel as though they are heard and understood. Then talk to them about how your services, programs and products fit their needs. Then don’t forget the most important question of all, “when would you like to start?”


Let’s face it, the sales conversation isn’t always an easy one to have. Just the whole idea of “sales” can put a lump in our throat and make us feel icky about asking for the business. But, it’s a necessary part of having a business. These simple tips can help you not only impress your prospects, but also make the sales conversation much more pleasant for both of you.

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  1. Kathy, you totally walk this talk! You consistently overdeliver on value and helpful information and graciously give! Thank you for modeling what I wish to follow and develop for my business! Blessings, MaryAnn

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