Top 10 Lead Generation Strategies for Coaches & Consultants

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Coaches & Consultants are consistently having to fill their pipelines. Having a solid lead generation strategy is key to success. Below are the top 10 lead generation strategies coaches & consultants site as working best, in no particular order.Increase Your Lead Generation


1. Speaking

Speaking is one of the best ways to generate leads. It gives the attendees an opportunity to get a feel of who you are. They can experience your passion and if you connect with them, they leave with a sense of knowing you. People prefer to do business with people they know.

One of the best benefits of speaking is that is increases your credibility. People see you as an expert and want more of you. It creates a huge amount of visibility and gets your name known. For more information about creating speaking read: 7 Secrets to Sensational Speeches.


2. Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are 2 or more people who came together to share resources, opportunities, and events. Generally they work with the same audience you work with but deal with different issues.

Strategic Partners are a great way to build your data base fast through each partner sharing your information with their contacts. If your partners have a good reputation with their clients and data base that will automatically increase your position when they refer their clients and database to you.


3. Promotional Teleclass

Promotional Teleclasses is where you offer a free teleclass as an introduction to you, a program or a product. The information in the teleclass will center around the topic of the program or product you are featuring. This can give you immediate visibility and be seen as a valuable resource.

A word of warning: if you choose to offer one of these make sure you are including information that the attendees will find highly valuable and can use immediately. If it’s an hour of fluff or salesy you will do more damage than good.  Read: 10 Tips to Compelling Content


4. Article Writing

Writing articles centered around the topics your target audience is actively looking for and submitting them to online article directories is a quick way to establish yourself as an expert while driving traffic to your site.

You do not have to be an expert writer or English major to write articles. While many of the articles out there are not very well written however, I suggest at least making sure you edit & re-write your articles to make sure there are no simple errors. It’s always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes looking at it too.

Some of the best article directories to submit your articles to include,,,, and to name a few.


5. Link Exchange

Link Exchanges are where you offer your link to a trusted resource to put on their site while you offer a link to their site on your site. Link Exchange partners usually offer complimentary services to the same or similar audiences.

This is a great strategy for increasing your URL exposure. Link Exchanges can not only help generate hot leads but can also help increase your search engine rankings. The more times your website is sited on the internet the higher your overall ranking.


6. Networking

Good ole’ networking. It’s still a great way to gain hot leads. I talk to a lot of coaches who say networking is not their thing. They don’t like going to those networking meetings where everyone is there to sell and not connect. But, you don’t have to join a networking organization to utilize this form of marketing.

Who do you already know? Who are other coaches and consultants you can partner with? Who works with the people you work with? Who can help you get in front of your audience?

When networking, the intention is not on making the sell, or getting a client, the intention is on creating relationships. Out of trusting, partnered relationships you will get leads.

A killer e-speech is a necessity for networking. Read: Elevator Speech Template: What to Say When it Really Counts


7. Blogging

Building your own tribe is a great way to develop hot leads. Blogging started out as a way to journal online. It has turned into a tribe building tool.

Blogging allows you to help others while you share your ideas, resources, and knowledge. It encourages involvement and interaction from the reader further connecting you to your prospects. Through this interaction, you are able to express yourself and your style showcasing yourself as an expert.  Read: The Story Guide to Writing About Your Business


8. Podcasting

Don’t like to write, no worries. You can basically do the same thing with Podcasting as you can with blogging. Podcasting is an online audio stream that allows you the opportunity to talk through your ideas and information. Although seeing someone live is the best way to connect with your audience, hearing your speak creates a deeper connection than reading your writing.


9. Social Networking

The fastest growing form of marketing, social networking has changed the marketing landscape. Social networking is a form of social media that requires some form of profile. It includes places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, chat rooms, industry forums etc.

Social networking can be overwhelming. The trick to using this as a lead generation tool is to focus on 2 or 3 different forums, while interacting and offering highly valuable times and resources.


10. Referrals

Referrals are still the 31 way coaching and consultants receive their leads. By offering fantastic service and continue the relationship with past clients you’re sure to receive high praise and hot leads. The key is to ASK! Read: Your Clients Hold the Key: How to Ask for and Get Great Testimonials to find out more about asking for referrals.


There you go. The top 10 lead generation strategies. Don’t try to do all 10. You’ll become overwhelmed and not very effective. It’s much better to pick 3 to 5 that you know you can do consistently and you will gain hot leads that convert into clients in no time.


Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas

Market Your Coaching Business

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